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TK-4 Tactical Vehicle

TK-4 Tactical Vehicle

TK4 Tactical Vehicle front view in action with police officers on runner boards TK4 Tactical Vehicle Front left stationary view

The ASI TK-4 is an armored SWAT vehicle designed to accommodate up to 10 tactical officers. With armor piercing protection, the TK-4 can maintain highway speed, and 4-wheel drive is standard equipment for use on unstable terrain.

TK-4 Features

  • The TK-4 is custom manufactured in the USA at our facility in Western Massachusetts.

  • The TK-4 roof hatch has armor piercing shield protection, and ASI’s exterior sniper gun port gives the team a clear view to any impending threat. A rotating turret has a 360° turning radius. The interior sniper step allows easy access to the roof.

  • The TK-4 is standard with ASI’s "outrigger" extended running boards that allow the tactical team additional solid footing while riding on the exterior of the vehicle.

  • An extended rear bumper and electric rear secondary step gives the team easy, quick exit through the rear deployment doors

  • The TK-4 rear doors swing open easily for quick deployment and lock open at 90°s or 180°s. ASI’s gap shield protection is standard on rear doors for additional shield protection.

  • Rear bench seating has under seat storage. The passenger seat is mounted on a swivel base for easy exit.

  • All TK-4 front doors have the capability to lock open at a 90° angle as well as a 45° angle allowing the team shield coverage. ASI’s gap shield with armor piercing protection gives complete door coverage at all angles.

Some Additional STANDARD Features on the TK-4

  • The TK-4 emergency package includes a 200 watt siren PA system, front and rear Wig-Wag and front and rear alternating red and blue strobe lights.

  • Upgraded suspension and tires.

  • An after-market AC with an additional condenser is installed. This in conjunction with the TK-4 Insulated walls and ceiling helps keep interior climate control stabilized.

  • The TK-4 has 11 ASI machined exterior gun ports: 8 standard gun ports and 3 sniper gun ports with a 7” opening for sniper rifles.

  • The TK-4 360° protection includes the engine compartment, fire wall and fuel tank.

Some OPTIONAL Features available on the TK-4

  • Run flat tire inserts

  • Thermal imaging camera

  • Intercom system; inside to outside

  • Electric power winch

  • Cupola style roof hatch

  • 1800 watt power inverter with battery charging system and shore power.

  • Light bar

  • Explosive gas & radiation detection package

  • Ballistic skip round shields

  • Front mounted ram post

  • Diesel engine

GSA Logo Contract #GS07F0528W

TK4 Tactical Vehicle Rotating gun turret with open gun port
Rotating Turret w/gun port open

TK4 Tactical Vehicle with sniper step in up position
Adjustable Sniper Step in up position

TK4 Tactical Vehicle running board in out position
Extendable Running Boards in out position

TK4 Tactical Vehicle with electric step extended
Rear electric step extended

TK4 Tactical Vehicle storage bench
Open TK4 Storage bench

TK4 Tactical Vehicle with swivel front passenger seat
Swiveled front passenger seat

Door gap shield highlighted by black arrows

TK4 Tactical Vehicle with door locked open at 45 degrees
Door locked open at 45 degree angle

TK4 Tactical Vehicle with door locked open at 90 degrees
Door locked open at 90 degree angle

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